By critically reflecting on the fundamentals of clothing in the context of mountain sports, alternative consumption models can be envisioned. A series of interventions are made in partnership with Salewa, to imagine a future built on social relations rather than individual assets. To unpick linear patterns and find value in clothing beyond ownership.
Errare means ‘to wander without a certain direction or destination’ and is connotated with the term error. Global textiles production nearly doubled between 2000 and 2015 and continues to grow. The established patterns of clothing consumption and distribution arrive at a dead end- landfill. To find value in clothing beyond ownership we created a jacket with the aim to be passed on weekly. Experiences are documented in a collective diary inside the jacket.
scans of stories people exchanged during a clothes swap event.
To materialize beyond materialism we made a jacket with mountains on the exterior and the memory traces printed on the interior. This make the personal value visible and an actual part of the jacket. To further illustrate alternative models of non-linear clothing consumption we showed the stop-motion video of the jacket swapping on the hike. Textile waste was used throughout, including jacket banner and mountains. When we perceive green, our blood histamine levels increase and our blood vessels dilate, meaning green immediately relaxes us. This could be related to the fact that we evolved in a natural environment mostly composed of greenery. The acidificated version of this colour gives a sense of discomfort and results as unearthly.
In collaboration with Chiara Simpson, Mollie Edge and Jakob Kaufmann.
07/2022 at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
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